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Avilin® VETEach ml contains Pheniramine maleate 22.75 mg. It is used for quick relief from allergic manifestations.
Berenil® Vet 7% RTUEach ml contains Diminazine Aceturate 70 mg, Phenazone B.P. 375 mg. It is used as treatment and control of Babesiosis, trypanosomiasis and theileriosis.
Butox® VetEach ml contains Deltamethrin 12.5 mg. It is highly effective ectoparasitiside ideally suited for control of ticks, mites, lice and flies of livestock, poultry, dogs and farm houses.
Cepravin® DRY COWEach syringe contains 250 mg Cefalonium dihydrate. It is used as intramammary suspension for dry cow therapy in cattle.
Chelated LactAid® ForteFeed supplement for udder health.
Chorulon®Each ml contains Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin(hcg) as a white freeze dried crystalline powder(1500 IU). It is used in the improvement of conception rate in cows and buffaloes.
Cobactan® LCEach syringe contains 75 mg Cefquinome sulphate as active ingradient. It is used for the treatment of clinical mastitis in lactating cows.
Cobactan® 2.5%Each ml of suspension contains 29.04 mg Cefquinome sulphate. It is used for the treatment of mastitis, respiratory disease, septicaemia, digital dermatitis.
Estrumate Each ml contains 263 mcg of Cloprostenol sodium, equivalent to 250 mcg cloprostenol used in the induction of luteolysis in dairy cattle and horses.
FinadyneTMEach ml contains Flunixin meglumine 83 mg, equivalent to Flunixin 50 mg. It is used as fast acting most potent NSAID, manages endotoxemia and inflammation.
Floxidin™ LA (Vet)Each ml contains Enrofloxacin 100 mg, Benzyl alcohol 2% v/v. It is used treatment of systemic infections and soft tissue infections.
Floxidin™ VetBroad spectrum bactericidal agent effective against gram positive, gram negative and mycoplasma infections in cattle.
Folligon®Each ml contains Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin( PMSG) as a freeze dried crystalline powder(1000 IU). It improves fertility in case of anoestrus.
KNZ T. Uni. MultiAn ideal supplement to the everyday rations for a mix of livestock species.
KNZ T.U. FertilityPerfect supplement when the fertility of your livestock is important.
MetricefEach single dose syringe of 19 g contains Cephapirine Benzathine intrauterine suspention in pre filled syringe- 500 mg. It is used for the treatment of subacute/ chronic endometritis in cows over 14 days postpartum.
OutlineIt contains Amitraz I.P. 2.0% w/v, Deltamethrin 0.5% w/v and Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) 2.0% w/v. It is used for the control of Ticks, Mites, Fleas and Lice.
Panacur® Vet PowderEach gm powder contains Fenbendazole I.P Vet 250 mg. It is used in cattle, sheep, goat & pigs for the treatment of infestation with gastrointestinal nematodes and tapeworms.
Panacur® Vet SuspensionEach ml of panacur 2.5% suspension contains 25 mg Fenbendazole. It is used in cattle, sheep, goat for the treatment of infestation with gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms and tapeworms.
Panacur® VetEach 1.5 g bolus, 150 mg tablet, 3 g bolus contains 1.5 g, 150 mg and 3 g active Fenbendazole respectively. It is used in cattle, sheep, goat for the treatment of infestation with gastrointestinal nematodes, lungworms and tapeworms.
Prednisolone Acetate Injection Suspension U.S.PEach ml contains Prednisolone acetate I.P 10 mg. It is used for quick relief from ketosis.
Receptal®VETEach ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg buserelin. It used in the imrpovement of conception rate.
Rumicare® VetEach gram powder contains Calcium Propionate 480 mg, Methionine 40 mg, Picrorhiza dry extract 2 mg, Cobalt gluconate 0.32 mg, Vitamin B6 0.32 mg and Dextrose unhydrous 428 mg. It normalises milk production by restoring ruminal activity.
Taktic® 12.5% ECEach ml contains Amitraz I.P.(Vet) 125 mg. It is broad spectrum ectoparasiticide against ticks, mites, lice and keds.
Tefrocef Ceftiofur Sodium sterile powder equivalent to Ceftiofur 1 g along with one ampoule of sterile water for injection IP.20 ml. It is used for the treatment of genital infections of bovine, respiratory disease and acute interdigital necrobacillosis.
Tetracyclin WSP VetEach gm contains Tetracyclin Hydrochloride WS IP.50 mg. it is used as broad spectrum antibiotic.
Tolzan® -F vetEach ml suspension contains Oxyclozanide I.P. 3.4% w/v. It is used as an effective flukicide for the treatment of Fasciolosis and Paramphistomiasis in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat.
Tolzan® Plus- L VETEach ml suspension contains Oxyclozanide I.P. 3.4% w/v and Levamisole hydrochloride I.P. 2.5% w/v. It is effective for the treatment and control of acute & chronic fascioliasis in cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats.
Tonophosphan® VetEach ml contains Sodium salt of 4-dimethylamine,2-methylphenyl-phosphonic acid 0.2 g. It is used for improving metabolism, milk production and fertility in livestock.
TransmixIt contains highly bioavailable calcium which eases the calving stress, improves immunity and optimises milk production.
Vetalgin® VetFor relief of pain in colic and other spastic conditions of the abdominal organs.
VMall ChelatedVitamin and mineral feed supplement for ruminants.
VMallVitamin and mineral feed supplement for ruminants.
VMall-PVitamin and mineral feed supplement for ruminants.
YelintraEach syringe of 8 gm contains Tetracyclin HCL 200 mg, Neomycine base 250 mg, Bacitracin 2000 IU and Prednisolone 1o mg. It is use in the an intramammary administration to lactating cows for therapeutic treatment of clinical mastitis.