Each ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg buserelin. It is used in the imrpovement of conception rate.


Each ml contains Buserelin acetate 0.0042 mg equivalent to 0.004 mg Buserelin

Indications for use:


  • For the treatment of infertility linked to follicular cysts.
  • For the improvement of pregnancy rate, following injection at the time of AI or during the luteal phase following AI.
  • For the synchronisation of oestrus and ovulation (allowing fixed time AI) in conjunction with prostaglandin F2α or progestagen administration.


  • For ovulation induction, when a mature follicle is present, thereby synchronizing ovulation more closely with mating in mares.
  • For the improvement of conception rate after administration during the late luteal phase following mating or AI.


  • Induction of ovulation in rabbit does.
  • Improvement of conception rate.

Dosage and Administration:

Dosage for each species, route(s) and method of administration


  • For the treatment of follicular cysts with or without symptoms of nymphomania 20 µg (equivalent to 5 ml solution for injection).
  • For improvement of conception rate: 10 µg (2.5 ml) / animal.
  • For synchronization of oestrus and ovulation before fixed time AI: 10 µg (2.5ml) / animal.


  • For ovulation induction: 40 µg (10 ml) / animal.
  • For improvement of conception rate: 40 µg (10 ml) / animal.


  • Improvement of conception rate: 0.8 µg (0.2 ml) / animal.
  • Ovulation induction post partum: 0.8 µg (0.2 ml) / animal.

The preferred route of administration is intramuscular injection (im), but Receptal may also be injected intravenously (iv) or subcutaneously (sc).

Withdrawal Period:

Milk-  Zero days, Meat- Zero days


Store at 2 to 8°C. Protect from heat.


Vial of 2.5 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 50 ml

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.