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Vaccinate for Life

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Leadership is more than just a matter of higher sales. Over time, Intervet has produced a remarkable series of high quality vaccines, which made a real difference to the health and well being of pets. Nobivac vaccines conform the hest standard of efficacy and safety and are recommended by key opinion leader worldwide.


MSD Animal Health

We develop, manufacture and market a variety of innovative high quality vaccines and pharmaceuticals for food producing and companion animals. The root of our organization is linked with Wagholi, the village near Pune, where the state of the art factory producing biological, specially Foot and Mouth Disease Vaccine is located. This Wagholi factory is now enriched with international expertise and know-how and developed itself as the state of the art FMD manufacturing unit of the country. We are committed to the initiative of Govt of India in controlling FMD, one of the most economically important livestock diseases.

Our organization believes to be an honest and reliable business partner, protecting the environment and showing respect for our neighbors–and creating their respect in return. We understand that, to find the right answers to all these demands is not easy, but, in essence, that is what Corporate Social Responsibility is all about for the entire Intervet organization. We are a company of professionals committed to animal health and the ethics of the veterinary profession. Our focus on advancing medical knowledge and practices enables us to deliver innovative, science-based solutions for animals, their owners and animal health professionals.


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Original, time tested and most effective ectoparasiticide

Optimal Reproductive Potential

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Intervet, the expert in reproduction management, brings to veterinary practitioners a comprehensive range of products for use in the management of oestrus, planned breeding, treatment of ovarian disorders and uterine problems in cattle.

More potent, more reliable