Floxidin™ Vet

Broad spectrum bactericidal agent effective against gram positive, gram negative and mycoplasma infections in cattle.

Floxidin™ Vet


Each ml contains Enrofloxacin I.P. 100 mg and Benzyl Alcohol I P 1.5% v/v

Indications for use:

Effective against alimentary canal infections (enteritis, calf scours), respiratory tract infections (pneumonia), urogenital infection (metritis, cystitis), skin infections (bacterial dermatitis, pyometra), mastitis, hemorrhagic septicaemia

Dosage and Administration:

Administer at the dose rate 5 mg/kg body weight by IM/SC/ slow IV for 3-5 days

Withdrawal Period:

Milk: 3.5 days, Meat: 14 days


Store below 250C


15 ml, 50 ml and 100 ml

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.