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Cepravin® DRY COWIntramammary suspension for dry therapy in cattle.
Cobactan® LCEach syringe contains 75 mg  cefquinome sulphate as active ingradient
Cobactan® 2.5%Each ml of suspension contains 29.04 mg cefquinome sulphate( equivalent to 25 mg cefquinome)
Floxidine® Vet Floxidine ® Vet 10% injection each ml contains: Enrofloxacin 100 mg
Floxidin™ LA (Vet)True broad-spectrum bactericidal agent, effective against Gram positive, Gram negative and Mycoplasma infections in poultry.
MetricefEach single dose syringe of 19 g contains: Cephapirin- 500 mg( as benzathin) Excipient to 19 g
Tefrocef Ceftiofur Sodium sterile powder equivalent to ceftiofur 1 g along with one ampoule of sterile water for injection IP.20 ml
Tetracyclin WSP VetEach gm contains Tetracyclin Hydrochloride WS IP.50 mg