Bravecto ® Chewable Tablets for Dogs- (Fluralaner)

For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations on dogs for 3 months.

Butox® Vet

Each ml contains Deltamethrin 12.5 mg. It is highly effective ectoparasitiside ideally suited for control of ticks, mites, lice and flies of livestock, poultry, dogs and farm houses.


SCALIBOR Protector Band protects dogs from ticks and fleas up to 6 months

Taktic® 12.5% EC

Each ml contains Amitraz I.P.(Vet) 125 mg. It is broad spectrum ectoparasiticide against ticks, mites, lice and keds.

Taktic® 5%

Acaricidal (Mange mites, Ticks and Lice) wash for Dogs