Taktic® 5%

Amitraz (Vet) 50 mg per ml. Broad spectrum ectoparasiticide for control of mange mites, ticks, and lice for Dogs.

Broad spectrum ectoparasiticide against Ticks, Mange, Mites, lice.

Each ml contains: Amitraz I.P. (Vet) 50 mg

Ticks, Mange, Mites, lice.
Taktic kills tick and ectoparasites resistant to organochlorine, organophosphate and synthetic pyrethroid compounds.Administration and Dosage:
Taktic to be used as spray or dip

ParasiteMixing Rate / L of water
Ticks6.0 ml
Lice6.0 ml
Mites10.0 ml

Prepare the dog wash by adding the appropriate amount of Taktic 5% to the required volume of clean warm water, stir to ensure complete mixing. Prepare only the required amount of wash for each individual treatment. Sufficient solution should be prepared to allow complete immersion of the dog’s paws and to enable complete wetting of the animal.
Repeat the treatment at intervals of 5-7 days, if required.

Taktic rarely produces side effects if used as directed. Occasionally mild transient sedation may occur. Recovery is spontaneous.
Do not use on Chihuahua dogs. Do not treat dogs suffering from heat stress. This product is not recommended for use on Cats and Horses.

Store in original containers tightly closed away from food. Protect from frost.

Glass bottle of 25 ml with plastic measuring cup.

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.