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Butox® VetFor prevention and control of ectoparasitic infestations like ticks, lice, mites and flies in cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, camel, horse, dog and pig
Scalibor® Scalibor PB65 cm contains 1 g deltamethrin, Scalibor PB 48 cm contains 0.76 g deltamethrin
Taktic® 12.5% ECEach ml contains Amitraz I.P.(Vet) 125 mg
Taktic® 5%Broad spectrum ectoparasiticide against ticks, mites, lice


Berenil® Vet 7% RTUEach ml contains Dimminazine Aceturate 70 mg,phenazone B.P. 375 mg.
Panacur® Vet PowderEach gm powder contains Fenbendazole I.P Vet: 250 mg
Panacur® Vet SuspensionEach ml of panacur 2.5% suspension contains 25 mg fenbendazole in 90 ml,450 ml and 1 lit pack.
Panacur® VetEach 1.5 g bolus contains 1.5 g of active Fenbendazole. Each 150 mg tablet contains 150 mg active Fenbendazole.Each 3g Bolus contains 3g active Fenbendazole.
Tolzan® -F vetF vet is an effective flukicide for the treatment of Fasciolosis and Paramphistomiasis in cattle, buffalo, sheep and goat
Tolzan® Plus- L VETEffective for the treatment and control of acute & chronic fascioliasis in Cattle buffaloes, sheep and goats. Kills both mature & immature liver flukes & amphistomesRemoves tapeworm segments of Moneizia spp. Levamisole component treats round worm infestation.