India / भारत




Each kg contains a nutritional value of:

Cobalt120 mgVit A1200000 IU
Copper1000 mgVit D3120000IU
Iodine300 mgVit E1200 IU
Magnesium5000 mgNiacinamide4 g
Iron2500 mgVit K200 mg
Manganese2000 mg
Potassium100 mg
Selenium10 mg
Sodium8 mg
Sulphur0.70 %
Fluorine60 mg
Zinc5000 mg
Calcium150 mg
Phosphorus60 mg


Improves fertility, safeguards health and helps in growth

Optimizes milk yield and fat

Directions for use:

Mix 100-200 gm per 10 kg of feed depending on the availability of other fodder/feed.

For Direct feeding in cow & buffalo: 25-30 gm per day

For Direct feeding in calf, sheep 7 goat: 15-20 gm per day

For Aqua, mix 100 gm to 10 kg of fish feed


1 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg