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Vetalgin® Vet



Each ml of Vetalgin® Vet contains:
 Analgin I.P.            0.5 gm
 Chorobutol I.P.     0.4 % w/v 

Indications for use:

In all Animals: For relief of pain in colic and other spastic conditions of the abdominal organs; acute and chronic arthritis, rheumatic conditions of muscles and joints, neuritis, neuralgia, tendo-vaginitis. Obstruction of the oesophagus by foreign bodies-to relieve spam. In gastritis of small domestic animals to prevent vomiting. 


Do not use in cats. Do not use by subcutaneous route. Vetalgin should not be used in animals with disturbance of haemotopoietic system

Dosage and Administration:

Cattle                      8 ml per 100 kg body weight 

Horses                    20-60 ml 

Calves                     5-15 ml

Sheep and Goats  2-8 ml 

Pigs                         10-30 ml (Spasm of cervical orifice: 5-10 ml IM.) 

Dogs                       1-5 ml


Withdrawal Period:

Meat- Cattle -12 days, Pig-3 days, Milk- 2 days or 4 milking


Store Protected from light


Vial of 33 ml