Used for adding to drinking water during drinking water vaccination of poultry. It neutralizes chlorine in the water, protects the efficacy of the vaccines.

Neutralizes chlorine levels in the drinking water.

Each tablet contains:
De-Chlorinating agent (min)-1.25 gm
FD & C Blue I colorant (min)-1.50 gm
Vehicle q.s.p.- 10 gm

Direction for use:
Dissolve one tablet in 100 liters of water containing upto 5 ppm of chlorine. After adding the tablet, allow 15 minutes for complete dissolution of tablet and chlorine inactivation. After opening foil use contents immediately.

The product should be used in the animals’ drinking water system in order to de-chlorinate the water. It removes chlorine and chloramines completely. The product has a blue food colorant which allows to see its distribution in the water system and to monitor the vaccine administration.

10 g tablets
Box of 30 individually foil packed tablets