India / भारत

Tolzan® Plus- L VET



Oxyclozanide I.P                            3.4% w/v

Levamisole Hydrochloride I.P     2.5% w/v


Indications for use:

For the treatment and control of round worms and liver flukes in cattle, sheep and goats.

Controls both adult liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) and adult giant liver fluke (Fasciola gigantica) in cattle, sheep and goats.

Controls immature and adult conical fluke (Paramphistomum spp.) in cattle, sheep and goats.

Targets: Wireworm, Brown Stomach worm, Bankrupt worm, Cattle Bankrupt worm, Long-necked Bankrupt worm, Large-Mouthed Bowel worm, Hookworm, Nodular worm, Lung worm.


Dosage and Administration:

Administered orally as per following dosage,

Cattle: 30 ml / 100 kg live body weight

Sheep and goats: 3 ml / 10 kg live body weight


Withdrawal Period:

Meat- 14 days, Milk- 7 days


Store protected from light


120 ml bottle, 1 L jerry can