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Nobilis® IB multi+ND


Inactivated combined vaccine for the immunization of chickens against Infectious Bronchitis (serotypes Massachusetts and D207/ strain D274 and related strains) and Newcastle Disease.

Active components per dose:
IB virus strain M41: inducing ≥ 4.0 log2 VN units
IB virus strain 249G: inducing ≥ 4.0 log2 VN units
ND virus strain Clone 30: containing ≥ 50 PD50   inducing ≥ 4.0 log2 HI units per 1/50 dose

The vaccine is recommended for the booster vaccination of layer and breeding stock for protection against Infectious Bronchitis in areas where the serotypes of IB covered by the vaccine strains are known to be prevalent and for the protection against Newcastle Disease.

Dosage and Administration:
Each bird should be given 0.5 ml of vaccine intramuscularly in the thigh or breast muscle or subcutaneously in the lower part of the neck.

Recommended Vaccination Programme:
Nobilis IB Multi + ND should be given to birds around 16 -20 weeks of age but not less than 4 weeks before the expected onset of lay (Please refer product leaflet for more information).

Store at a temperature of 20C to 80C, avoid freezing.

Bottle containing 500 ml sufficient for 1000 doses