Nobilis® ND Broiler

Inactivated vaccine for the immunization of day-old chicks against Newcastle Disease.

Inactivated vaccine for the protection of day old chickens against Newcastle Disease. Nobilis ND Broiler contains one immunogenic strain of Newcastle Disease virus. The virus has been grown on embryonated eggs and is inactivated with formalin. Subsequently they have been suspended in the aqueous phase of an oil adjuvant emulsion.

Active component: Inactivated ND virus Clone 30 containing ≥ 20 PD₅₀ units/dose (protective dose 50%) or inducing ≥ 4 log₂ HI units per 1/50 dose INDICATION Vaccination of day-old chickens (broilers) against Newcastle Disease.

Dosage and Administration:
Inject 0.1 ml per broiler intramuscularly into the thigh muscle, or subcutaneously into the lower part of the neck.

Vaccination Programme:
Nobilis ND Broiler is administered by injection at day-old, in combination with live ND vaccine, e.g. Nobilis ND Clone 30, administered by spray or the oculo-nasal route (Please refer product leaflet for more information).

Store in dark between 20C to 80C.

Bottles containing 200 ml sufficient for 2000 doses.

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.