Nobilis® Ma5+Clone 30

Live vaccine for the immunization of healthy chicken against Infectious Bronchitis and Ranikhet Disease.

Nobilis® Ma5 + Clone30 is a live, freeze dried vaccine against Infectious Bronchitis & Newcastle Disease in chicken.

Each dose of vaccine contains at least 3.0 log10 EID50 per bird dose of Live Infectious Bronchitis Virus strain Ma5 and at least 6.0 log10 ELD50 per bird dose of Live Newcastle Disease Virus strain Clone 30 in a stabilizer.  

Immunization of healthy chicken against Infectious Bronchitis and Ranikhet Diseas.

Vaccine can be administered by Spray method, Intranasal / intraocular instillation or via drinking water.

Vaccination Programme:
The vaccine is safe to use from 1 day of age onwards. The optimum time and method of administration depend largely upon the local situation. Therefore, the advice of the veterinarian should be sought (Please refer product leaflet for more information).

Storage conditions:
Store at 20C to 80C.

Boxes with vials each containing 1000, 2500 doses.

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.