Nobilis® IB +G+ND

Inactivated combined vaccine for the immunization of breeding chickens against Infectious Bronchitis (serotype Massachusetts), Gumboro Disease (Infectious Bursal Disease) and Newcastle Disease.

Combined inactivated vaccine for the protection of chickens against Avian Infectious Bronchitis (Massachusetts serotype), Infectious Bursal Disease and Newcastle Disease.

Active components per dose:
IB strain M41: inducing ≥ 6.0 log2 HI units
ND Clone 30:  containing ≥ 50PD50 units or inducing at least 4 log2 HI units per 1/50 dose
Gumboro strain D78: inducing ≥ 14.5 log2 VN units.

Vaccination of breeder stocks for protection against the Massachusetts serotype of Infectious Bronchitis virus and against Newcastle Disease virus and to provide maternal antibodies in the progeny of the vaccinated birds to protect against Infectious Bursal Disease virus for at least the first weeks of their lives.

Dosage and Administration:
Each bird should be given 0.5 ml of vaccine intramuscularly in the thigh or chest muscle or subcutaneously into the lower part of the neck.

Store at a temperature of 2 to 8°C and avoid freezing. Opened vials should be used within three hours.

Bottles containing 500 ml sufficient for 1000 doses.

Refer to Product Leaflet for more information.