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Innovax® ND-SB1


This vaccine is a frozen, cell associated, live virus vaccine that contains the recombinant serotype 3 turkey herpesvirus with the F gene from Newcastle disease virus and the SB-1 strain of chicken herpesvirus serotype 2.

Each dose contains at least 1534 PFU of live Herpes virus of turkey strain HVT/NDV-F and 1514 PFU of live Chicken Herpes virus strain SB-1.

This vaccine is recommended for vaccination of healthy 18-day-old chicken embryos by the in-ovo route or day old chicks by subcutaneous route to aid in the prevention of very virulent Marek’s disease and Newcastle disease.

In-ovo Administration:
Inoculate each 18-day-old chicken embryo with a full dose (0.05 ml).
Entire contents of container must be used within 1 hour after mixing or be discarded.
After reconstitution, the vaccine should be kept cool and gently agitated frequently.

Day old subcutaneous Administration:
The vaccine is applied subcutaneously in the neck or intramuscularly in the leg. Inject 0.2 ml per chicken. The bottle of vaccine must be swirled frequently. It should be stored in ice water if not used immediately. Entire contents of bottle must be used within 2 hours after mixing. After that any remaining vaccine should be discarded. (Please refer product leaflet for more information).

Ampoules - Store in liquid nitrogen container.
Diluent- Do not freeze.
Container- Store liquid nitrogen container securely in upright position in a dry, well ventilated area and away from incubator intakes and chicken boxes.

2000 dose ampoules.