MSD Animal Health India – e-Shop Q&A

From logging in to Order details, check our Q&A to help with any query you may have when using our e-hop. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need further help, just email our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help. (

Logging in

  1. I’m an existing customer of MSD Animal Health India. How can I log-in to e-Shop?

You will be registered to our e-Shop by MSD Team. Once the registration process is complete, you would get an email on the designated email address registered with MSD Animal Health, India. Using the details in the said email, you only need to create a secure password for our new e-Shop,. Once you create your own secure password, you would be able log-in and use e-Shop. As a good practice, avoid sharing your login id (email) and password with others.

2. Where do I log-in?

To access the e-Shop, click and then Log-in now.

3. I’ve forgotten my login details?

Your username is your registered business email address. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click Forgot Password from the login panel to create a new password, at any time.

4. I can’t log-in. What do I do?

This may be due to your registration or a system error. If you have not yet had your registration validated and confirmed via email, please wait until your access is confirmed. If you already have access, this may be due to a system error. Please alert our Customer Services Team / CFA Team if you are unable to log-in with your existing access.

My Account

5. Can I update my login details at any time?

You cannot change your Login Id. However, you can change other details like e-mail communication address, phone no. To make changes, just log-in and click Manage Profile from the login panel. You can update your contact details and business. For your details to update and display accurately, please log-out and log-in again.

6. Can a colleague have access to the e-Shop for my business account?

Our e-Shop is only available to Customers having business agreements with MSD Animal Health India. If you wish to provide access to your account to additional members of your business establishment, please write to our Customer Service Team at and we will work on the details to provide access to additional users for your account.

7. I created an order then changed my account and it removed all the products in my cart. Why?

As some products may be restricted by licence to specific accounts, when you change your account after adding products to your cart, we must clear the cart for licence safety and regulations policy. If you make a mistake when selecting your account, check and correct it before you add products. If you change a delivery address, the items in your cart are unaffected.

Product search & selection

8. What if I don’t see products, I want to order on the e-Shop?

If you are not able to order some of our products from our e-Shop, do write to us our Customer Service Team at

9. I can see a product in the e-Shop but can’t add it to my cart. How do I fix this?

Check if the product is highlighted as out-of-stock as any out-of-stock product cannot be added. If it is not highlighted as out-of-stock or the add to cart is disabled, please write to our Customer Services Team at for help.

10. I keep adding more of a product to my cart, but it keeps reducing the quantity I select. How can I change this?

Some products are limited to a maximum quantity. A message displays to inform you that the product has a maximum quantity limit, but if this cannot be seen, there may be an error. Please write to our Customer Services Team at for help.

11. I only want to buy 1 of a product, but it will only let me select another number. How do I receive just 1?

Some products are limited to a minimum quantity or are only sold in multiples. A message displays to inform you of any minimum quantity or multiple that must be added to your cart, but if this cannot be seen, there may be an error. Please write to our Customer Services Team at for help.

12. When I add a product, I get an error page. What should I do?

Try refreshing the page by using your browser or click away from the page and go back. If this continues, you can place your order without the product and call Customer Services for help to place an order for this additional product, or simply write to our Customer Services at for help.  

13. I created an order, but then all my products disappeared. What happened?

If you walk away from your desk for some other work/activity, you may have been automatically logged out after 20 minutes. This is to protect your business account from fraudulent use and any items in your cart are removed. If you need to do something else when in the middle of an order, click Save for Later on the Order Summary. This will save your cart so you can come back and finish your order.

Pricing, taxes & shipping

14. I have a pricing agreement with MSD Animal Health. What price do I see in the shop?

The price indicated on e-Shop against a particular product is NDP (Net Distributor Price exclusive of taxes) and may vary according to the batch selection at the time of final invoice generation and shipment. Always refer to the final invoice sent by MSD Animal Health India for pricing, discounts, taxes, and expiration dates.

15. The price I pay looks wrong. What do I do?

If you believe any pricing is wrong, please contact our Customer Services Team / CFA Team, MSD colleague for help immediately.

16. Are all local taxes included?

Local taxes are not included in product prices. These are calculated on the Order Summary for checkout.

Order Tracking & Delivery

17. Where can I find my orders?

Orders placed on our e-Shop can be immediately found in Order History Section in the My Account menu. Orders placed via email/phone/paper transmission, are updated to your orders history section once a day.  Once our CFA Team completes the action on your order, final details are updated in Order History Section along with the status of the Order. Maximum Orders that can be displayed in Order History Section are limited to 100 or up to 1 calendar year.

18. How can I cancel an order already placed?

If you wish to cancel an order already placed on our e-Shop, write to our Customer Services Team at / get in touch with our CFA Team quoting the MSD Animal Health Order Number.

19. How can I update/amend an order already placed?

Order once placed on e-Shop cannot be amended. If you wish to add/remove any product / change the quantities, do immediately get in touch with our CFA Team / write to Customer Services Team at Always quote the Order Number in your communications.

Do note: Orders once placed and already invoiced through the MSD Animal Health invoicing system, cannot be amended.


20. What happens if I have overdue amounts?

Our e-Shop will continue to accept your orders. However, if there are amounts overdue and receivable from your business establishment, your account will be subject to all relevant checks on Credit Limits, Overdues. Orders would be processed only basis of our internal Credit Control processes.

Once the Order is executed by our CFA Team, you would get the final invoice copy via email. Final order details will also be updated in Order History Section on our e-Shop. Do reach out to CFA Team / Customer Services Team at for any queries on the invoices.