India / भारत

KNZ T.U. Fertility

Amitraz I.P.2.0% w/v
Deltamethrin0.5% w/v
Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO)2.0% w/vv

Indications for use:
Control ticks
Control stable flies, horn flies, cattle louse flies and nuisance flies e.g. house flies
Kills Lice (biting and sucking) and mange mites
Protects against blackflies

Dosage and Administration:
For Control of Ticks, Flies, Lice and Mange Mites Dose- 1 ml/10kg Body Wt.
Apply along the backline, from the shoulder to the root of the tail using a measuring dispenser. In case of heavy brown ear or blue tick challenge, apply OUT LINE from the base of the skull to the root of the tail.

Withdrawal Period:
Milk- 2 days, Meat- 20 days

Protect from heat, direct sunlight and frost

40 ml