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Bravecto ® Chewable Tablets for Dogs- (Fluralaner)For the treatment and prevention of tick and flea infestations on dogs for 3 months.
Cardio StrengthHeart support supplement for canine and feline.
Derma StrengthSupports skin and coat for dogs and cats with food or environmental sensitivities and for pets with seasonal allergies.
GlycoflexComprehensive joint support formula for dogs and puppies.
Renal EssentialsSupports and maintain proper kidney function and mineral balance in Dogs
San Coat®Supplement for Dogs to maintain healthy skin & coat
Scalibor® SCALIBOR Protector Band protects dogs from ticks and fleas up to 6 months
Taktic® 5%Acaricidal (Mange mites, Ticks and Lice) wash for Dogs